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Slay me!

A team of knights were dispatched to о town nearby to rescue its citizens from о group of bandits that had laid seige to it. While we were interrogating the bandits, we learned they were looking for о powerful orb that could grant someone anything they desire. Our captain decided such an object

This is pointless. I'm just going to turn bock...... There’s definately something there... When yoi/re a knight, there’s о high possibility you'll hove to fight magical enemies. Fortunately, we’re trained for how to deal with them. So I’m able to concentrate, block out the magical influence and

The further down this cavern I go, the more I start thinking to myself that maybe I should've taken heed to the magic. There's so much I'd like to do yet...f inding love being the biggest thing...I hope this isn't my slip into death...,йифф комиксы,Йифф,Yiff,секретные разделы,скрытые разделы

There...that must be the orb the bandits were looking for. Impressive. \Щ Just need to grab it 1 and I can get out и of this freaky cave! N,йифф комиксы,Йифф,Yiff,секретные разделы,скрытые разделы joyreactor,yiff with human,yiff comics ENG,The Dragon's Knight

г Уои were able to resist my Intimidation 1H Field and deflect mv blast. Very^ impressive indeed, j Who are you? What do you k. wont? > ' What? > Are you new to this or some-к thing? о treasure hunting ” knight who just entered a dragon’s lair. And that would make me........... ...you mean..

I-I can't believe my eyes. THIS is q dragon? r Why... why did you attack... SHIT! X Attack? X ( That was just л a test. If I wanted to attack, к sweety, you'd \ know it. /. We'll be engaging in swordplay of a different sort. So you won't be needing k this... .,йифф

Another port. I find it impossible to move...well, that’s not quite true... r Hmmm... > It's been such о long time.. I'm really gonna v enjoy this! у Гт completely enthralled by her. I can’t bring myself to resist. Part of me wants to run... I’m trembling from head to toe at her touch...

Can't ...can't even think straight... r But I can't ^ be satified with just that little ^ taste... A f I’ve > been craving this for l centuries! x | 1 Щ \ f/ i—___ I I 1 Y-&- In к ^юг¥ f j ft /|/Г\ч Vj // Mmm...a man’s >. W cum...I've forgotten \ ^ how delicous J ^^^it is.,йифф

' I сот feel l your desire \ 1 building again! J J ^Impressively/ I /I want you to4 / fill me with it! ( I don't want to V lose a single X. drop!^^^ AH FUCK! I'M CUMMINS! W-/7* \K\ r'y \ o( (тт|[ГПйку Ж /4 1 {г> ж j fr TfTiTjtioш \ N Л,йифф комиксы,Йифф,Yiff,секретные разделы,скрытые

Damn, her cum is so hot, I can't believe it’s not burning my skin... /Amazing! I> can't believe how easily you brought L me to \ climax! A rI wonder' if ГИ have the same effect on к you? A HUFF» HUFF»,йифф комиксы,Йифф,Yiff,секретные разделы,скрытые разделы joyreactor,yiff with human,yiff

Oh fuck! Its so much better than I remember! ^You're squeezing me ' so tight, it's о struggle not to cum immediately!,йифф комиксы,Йифф,Yiff,секретные разделы,скрытые разделы joyreactor,yiff with human,yiff comics ENG,The Dragon's Knight

Nnnf! I can't ^ hold bock anymore! I'm gonna ^ cum again! л ’ hope you i can take the ■ heat, lover-i •ч. boy l/l She wasn't kidding around. When she shot her load inside me, it felt as though she were pumping hot lava up my ass!,йифф комиксы,Йифф,Yiff,секретные разделы,скрытые разделы

Finally awake, hmm?. ^ You fainted when^ I came in you. I guess the energy transferral was a bit much "Ч. for you. What happened? I have a Xj j confession to make. Most\ of the treasure here j I means nothing to me. / 4. It's bait. ■j I start up stories^B / among you humans 1 to have